Let us end discrimination, stereotype in society -Amb Shehu

Let us end discrimination, and stereotype in society -Amb Shehu

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A non-governmental organization the Peace Ambassador Centre for Humanitarian and Empowerment (PACHE) has urged leaders and stakeholders to initiate discussion on how best to end rampant discrimination and stereotypes in the society.

Speaking during an event to mark the 2022 International Day of Peace held in Maiduguri on Wednesday, President of the PACHE, Amb. Ahmed Shehu charged the stakeholders with peace and forgiveness in

communities in Borno state.

Shehu said the Borno Government has begun the process of reintegrating the repentant terrorists in communities and that there is a need to use the commemoration of the peace day for people to accept the repentant and move on.

He said, “A community like Borno is a better place to commemorate World Peace Day this is to see how we can bring the peace we have lost back and considering this year’s theme, it is a moment to sit down and how we can be able to cover the gaps and differences that comes as a result of this crisis such as discrimination, prejudice and stereotype that is very rampant in the community.

“We are going to have a discussion and finally come up with recommendations that would form part of the advocacy. We are consulting stakeholders on how best we can solve these problems, stereotypes and discrimination is something we need to address as soon as possible to forestall the impending crisis, we are going to Malari community, one of the communities that has the largest number of repentance Boko Haram to sensitize the whole community.

“Here in Borno state, our problem is not racism but discrimination based on faith, religion and origin especially as the election is coming up it is the best moment to start telling people to elect leaders based on their integrity not based on tribes or religion or where they come from.

“We also urge stakeholders to use this occasion to come up with ways to fight racism and build peace in line with the theme of this year’s International Day of Peace, particularly at this critical time that the nation is going into a general election,” he said.

Programme Manager Grow Strong Foundation, Musa Gambo said on this year world peace day of 2022 with the theme ” End racism, Build peace “we must remember that the world already has enough challenges that require the expertise and experience of all gender, race and the efforts of all people to be addressed.

“The bond we share as humans have superseded everything that differentiated us, hence we must strive to put an end to all forms of discrimination and embrace peace for the betterment of humanity.” Bamboo said.

In his opening remarks, the Borno Commissioner for Information, Alhaji Babakura Abba-Jato who spoke on the significance of the day, lauded the people of Borno for their resilience and the need to sustain the tempo and reintegration process.

Also speaking, the Borno Commissioner for Poverty Alleviation and Youth Empowerment, Alhaji Saina Buba who highlighted the various interventions by the state government to address the issue of poverty, called for support for the programme to succeed.

In his remarks, the Borno Team Lead of the Managing Conflict in Nigeria (MCN) programme of the British Council, Mr Amin Buba who reiterated the commitment of MCN to addressing conflicts in Nigeria, stressed the need to implement recommendations of the meeting to add value to peacebuilding Borno.

The day, also officially known as World Peace Day, is a United Nations-sanctioned holiday observed annually on Sept. 21.

This year World Peace Day was supported by British Council and Managing Conflict in Nigeria implemented by PACHE, International Alert, Grow Strong Foundation, Centre for Advocacy Transparency Accountability Initiative, and others.

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