NGO train 30 youths in coding, and robotics in Borno

A non-governmental organisation, Inara Foundation has trained 30 Borno youths in coding, robotics and Programming skills.

The Founder of Inara Foundation, Hajiya Aisha Waziri Umar said the training would provide young Nigerians with the opportunity to gain in-demand ICT skills to prepare them for the job market.

Represented by the Programs Officer Inara Foundation, Usman Umar Dagona said the skills would assist in transforming Borno State into an Innovation, Invention and Entrepreneurship hub.

“The training was held in batches and 30 participants were trained in Robotics, Coding and Programming.

“It is to produce a highly disciplined and resourceful generation of youth skilled in coding, robotics and programming to serve as an impetus for the development of Borno State.

“Secondly, this is to be the foremost centre of excellence in coding, robotics and entrepreneurship education in Maiduguri and the northeast region. he said.

 He urged the youth in the state to join the journey of creativity, invention and innovation in this competitive world of the scientific revolution.

“Indeed, the Borno State has been worst hits by the activities of Boko Haram insurgents in more than a decade of war, this has adversely affected the productivity of young people; the good news is that we are ready to build the capacity of young Borno people.

“We have the number and resources it is time for us to join invention and innovations trains,” Usman said

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