World Cup 2022: Pele urges Neymar not to quit Brazil: Keep inspiring us

The PSG player, devastated after the defeat, threw his future with Brazil up in the air, admitting he has been emotionally destroyed by the loss.

That prompted a reaction from Pele, who urged Neymar to continue his adventure with the Brazilian national team.

“I saw you grow,” Pele said on Instagram. “I cheered for you every day and I can finally congratulate you for reaching my number of goals with Brazil.

“We both know that this is more than a figure. Our biggest duty as athletes is to inspire. Inspire our teammates of today, the next generations and, above all, everyone who loves our sport.’

“Unfortunately this is not the happiest day for us.”

“Keep inspiring us. I will keep punching the air with joy for every goal you score, as I did in every match I saw you on the pitch”.

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