Zulum And The Quest For Good Leadership

Since his emergence as the governor of Borno State on 29th May, 2019,  Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum has displayed an uncommon leadership in transforming the lives of the traumatized masses of Borno state, as well as reconstructing their communities ruined by over-a-decade-old Boko Haram terrorism.

He assumed office with an uncommon style of democratic governance, which facilitated his towering accomplishments with regard to the execution of projects and implementation of programmes to enable the IDPs and refugees return to their ancestral homes and rebuild their lives from the ruins of Boko Haram insurgency.

Governor Zulum has been instrumental in changing the security strategy of the state. He has been working relentlessly with military to end the lingering issues of terrorism and insurgency that devastated Borno State halted its development. 

He, in his unwavering efforts, provided sustainable development that enhanced the welfare of the people of rural areas, guaranteed then easy access to good living and empowered them to acquire self-reliance skills with the aim of alleviating poverty, which was one of the causes of the Boko Haram insurgency.

Most delightedly, the fresh air of good leadership by Engr Zulum brought about the transformation of education by rebuilding public schools under basic and higher education structures.

With more fascinating initiatives, Zulum continued the mega schools project started by his predecessor, Kashim Shettima, by equipping the schools with modern facilities to wid teaching and learning.

The Zulum administration has also maintained smooth payment of scholarship allowances for students in higher institutions of learning, which has enabled them to pursue their academic programmes with the required ease. 

Governor Zulum has ensured that only academically-qualified teachers teach in in schools across the state. Accordingly, candidates for teaching jobs first undergo rigorous aptitude tests. Those who pass the test are offered the job; those who fail are rejected. This is in an effort to flush quack teachers from the state’s educational system. 

Zulum’s concern for Infrastructural development have earned him global recognition, by which he is regarded as the best civilian governor in the history of the Borno state. 

His return of IDPs and refugees to their ancestral homes has earned him global praise. Thousands of the displaced people of the state have relocated to their ancestral communities under the Zulum administration’s resettling them at home for economic recovery. 

In commendable efforts at combatting corruption in civil and public service, as well as the qualitative execution of projects, Governor Zulum undertakes frequent supervision of workers and construction sites. He, in addition, usually pays unscheduled visitd to government offices to ensures the commitment of workers. He ensures that uncommitted workers are penalized according to the civil and public service rules.

Political and published c office holders should emulate the good leadership style of Governor Zulum for the betterment of the society.

This article was written by Trisha Lydda Yusuf a student at the Department of the Communications University of Maiduguri.

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