She Planned Killing Me, Poured Water On The Floor, I Slipped —Husband

A man, Idowu Olarenwaju has told Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, that he is no longer interested in his marriage which he contracted over 20 years ago with his wife, Adeola Olanrewaju.

Idowu is seeking divorce on the accounts that his wife is domineering, diabolic and unfaithful to him.

He also said that she abandoned her duties towards him and turned their children against him.

The plaintiff further stated that the defendant planned to kill him.

Adeola did not accede to divorce and also denied all the allegations brought by her husband against her.

Idowu, giving his testimony, said, “I met my wife while she was hawking her wares. I approached her for a relationship and she agreed.

“I impregnated my wife while we were dating and she moved in with me.

“We did not carry out any marital rite. I did not pay the bride price because her parents stood against our relationship from the outset.

“Adeola started showing her true colour immediately she moved into my house.

“I discovered that my wife is domineering in nature. She loves to dictate the tune.

“I have a business which I run in her name. Adeola to my chagrin attempted to take over my business.

“I again raised some turkeys in our compound which my wife sold without my consent and kept the proceeds from them.

“My lord, same goes for my house. I built it with my hard earned money and have the C of O in my possession, but my wife kept telling whoever cares to listen that we both built it. I get infuriated any time I hear this and have warned her to desist from making such false claim.

“My wife still bent on taking over my property went diabolic. She has delved into devilish practices with the aim of either sending me out of my house or killing me.

“I locked our bathroom door after she intentionally poured water on the floor and I slipped. Her plan was that I slip and knock my head on the floor, but this failed.

“Adeola in order that she might gain more grounds in the house turned our children against me.

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