RAMADAN: Borno Preaching Board Poised For Proper Tatseer Conduct

By Umar Bakari, Maiduguri

The Borno State Preaching Board has reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring the proper conduct of Tafseer in the state during the upcoming Ramadan fast.

Speaking at a meeting held in Limanti, Maiduguri, the Chief Imam of Borno and Chairman of the Preaching Board, Imam Laisu Imam Ahmed, urged preachers to focus on topics related to charity, love, security, and create awareness on the effects of Riba-interest during their Tafseer.

In his statement, Imam Laisu cautioned against the use of divisive language that may cause disunity among the Muslim Umma, as it goes against the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and Hadiths.

“We must preach with love, compassion, and unity, and avoid any language that can incite violence or discord among our people,” he urged.

Other members at the meeting, including Shettima Habib, Sheikh Abba Umar, Ali Isa Fizan, Tijjani Goni Abdallah, Sheikh Tijjani Umara, and others, also pledged to adhere to the guiding principles of the board.

“We are committed to promoting peace and harmony in Borno State and the country at large,” said Sheikh Abba Umar, adding, “We will ensure that we educate people on interest and other offences that lead to out breaks or something.”

Mallam Alai Bunu, the chief imam of Umar Bin Khatab Masjid, assured that their Ramadan Tafseer would contribute to the overall development of the society.

The meeting ended with special prayers for peace to return to Borno State and the country as a whole.

The Preaching Board urged all Muslims to use the upcoming Ramadan fast as an opportunity to reflect on their faith and strengthen their bond with Allah.

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