KACRAN Commends Kashim for Seeking Nigerians Apology

Adamu Leleku, Damaturu

The Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN) has commended the Nigeria vice president Kashim Shettima for his courage, simplicity and sincerity on how he directly talk to Nigerians more especially his fellow Muslim Ummah and apologize for the crime he never committed or intended to do, and seeks for their forgiveness and that of his creator the Almighty Allah.

The National President, KACRAN, Hon. Khalil Mohammed Bello made the statement obtained by Daily Platform and made available to newsmen in Damaturu.

According to him, what the vice President clearly shows how courageous and very sincere person he is.

Khalil further said, when Kashim Shettima was a governor in Borno State, he demonstrated an act of sincerity and inclusiveness to Borno State Herders whom he treated with equity, justice and fairness by enrolling their children/wards into the most prominent private and loved Secondary School in Maiduguri known as Elkenami College of Islamic and Theology Where he paid for their tuition fees for both primary and secondary School up to their completion.

He further revealed that, during his Government, in his bid to treat his subjects equally Shettima make sure that the Children’s of the most vulnerable under privileged Herders especially children of Fulani Security guards and those whom parents are living in the bushes or villages are given equal and more opportunities same to those who are residing in Maiduguri metropolitan city.

KACRAN president however notes that, most of these children are currently speaking pure Arabic language and Queen’s English as they were receivers of both Islamic and Western education.

The statement read apart,” he provided free buses on daily bases moving from one street to another in Maiduguri metropolis and Jere local government environs to transport the Herders children to the school.

“Similarly, in making sure that, the Borno State Herders children have gotten the same educational right equal to those who are residing in the Abuja FCT, Hon. Senator Kashim Shattima built an ultra-modern upstairs Special Primary and Secondary School in New GRA, Bama Road, Maiduguri which was named after the wife of immediate Past president during their regime “Aisha Buhari Integrated Primary and Secondary School”,

Where by 90 percent of the students are herders’ children in which the resident of the said GRA who are mainly his Kanuri Men were given only ten percent of the total number of students to be admitted and on daily given free meals to all students.

“We of KACRAN, it is our belief that this is courage, justice sincerity and fairness in the highest order done to us by vice president Kashim Shettima for which he deserves our highest commendation and appreciation.

“More so, I want to use this medium to advise and encourage our leaders to kindly emulate the good virtues of apologizing and asking for forgiveness from their followers whenever they offend or seem to have offended them. Truly this is a mark of true and authentic leadership, humility in leaders go a long way to promote harmony and understanding in society. He disclosed.

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